Monday, September 24, 2007

Inside AdWords: ROI: why it matters and how to track it -- part 1 of 3

Inside AdWords: ROI: why it matters and how to track it -- part 1 of 3

Cost Per Click Text Advertising

Cost Per Click Text Advertising - Sponsored Links :: Measuring Performance, Live!

The overall performance of a campaign is just the beginning of evaluation of your ads. True ad performance is reflected with an in-depth analysis.

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offers comprehensive reporting. You can track ad performance by:
  1. Individual campaign
  2. Overall ad performance for a selected period
Each of the reports 'drill-down' into the ad campaign metrics, beginning with a summarized bird's eye view and progressing one step at a time.

The period selection offers preset periods including:
  1. Previous day
  2. Current week
  3. Previous week
  4. Current month
  5. Previous month
In addition to the above presets, you can generate custom period reports.

The most striking factor is the live reporting thats unique to Sponsored Links on This is especially useful when you are in a short, event specific shopping periods like Valentine's Day. These are times when you have just a couple of days to reach the traffic and depending on day old reports could be decisive.

The live reports help you tweak ad targeting and bids and advertise as per the 'need of the hour', literally.