Friday, September 21, 2007

Landing Page Optimization

One of the primary reasons for prospects not converting is when they do not find what they expect. So while the ad may have been planned well, and the clicks generated from the right prospects, they would still be a problem with the conversion if the Landing Page didn't have enough focus on item advertised.

I have come across numerous occasions where the product advertised was lost among other products on the page. In some cases there was no more than a mere link to the product advertised. This often happens when the Landing Page is the web site's homepage or a page that has an entire product segment. The garment retailer as an example, maybe a mink coat is advertised, whereas the prospect lands on the entire winter collection page.

When you choose to advertise a specific product, or for that matter range, then you have to devote due attention and focus to the same accordingly. The advertised item(s) should be the sole focus on Landing Page, with links to related items. Discounts, USPs and other highlights should all be available on the Landing Page. This way you make sure that all that you have used as an attention getter in the ad is met by the prospect.

Making available all aspects of the product advertised on the Landing Page results in a positive user experiences that instills confidence on your services in the mind of your prospects and increase the chances of conversions. A positive experience also helps lay the foundations for a loyal customer base.

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