Friday, September 14, 2007

Mapping your ads

Looks like the CPC advertising will throw up some interesting thoughts by the end of this shopping season. With services like Mappam, its looking that advertisers and publishers will have a lot in terms of action. But it reamains to be seen how specific the advertisers get with the geo-locations of advertisers and its effects on the ROI, as targeting by coordinates will be a great plus for local services, but it remains to be seen if the larger players take to such pin-point advertising, and if they do then does it justify the cost of managing the campaigns.

I got the feeling after some localized campaigns on Adwords for some regional brands that the returns were not so significant as compared to running audience based ads for the entire region. While it will not be fair to be judgmental, you should take into account the perceived benefits before going local with services with multiple presence.

I'd love to hear some success stories on localized advertising.