Friday, September 14, 2007

Targeting your Ads on

Advertising on Sponsored Links on is quite simple. In addition to a user-friendly interface, finding your audience too is easy. To start with, there are no keywords, and their search volumes to hunt for. Simply go through their ecard sections and determine where your prospective buyer comes in or in other words, your product/ service is relevant in.

With a huge number of reasons to celebrate and wish, as they put it, each ecard section has a unique visitor profile. for instance, the Birthday section would bring in birthday wishers, making it the ideal place to advertise your gift ideas. Similarly, if you have some Halloween items, just advertise on the Halloween section.

Such defined audience is the beauty of, making it one of my favorite ad platforms. I also believe that this advantage of a pre-defined audience is what translated into positive ROI for my clients. Whats more, that as there is no search activity, as is the case with Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, et all, you have a very defined visitor activity on People are here to wish, and possibly compliment it with a gift, in addition to being receptive to various product/ service ideas, relevant to the ecard section.

Yes, you need to set your basics right, something I discussed earlier in Target Your Audience. With the right message for your prospective buyer, you are reaching out to them at the point of purchase.