Saturday, September 15, 2007

Deciding on Campaign Duration

Timing your campaign is crucial to success. The duration of a campaign strategy could be one of major factors in deciding the success of the overall marketing strategy.

Campaign duration should be designed taking into consideration the traffic metrics, especially for event / occasion related traffic. The upcoming shopping season is a case in point. The traffic would see an upsurge in a couple of monthsfrom now and would continue well into the initial days of the new year. As an advertiser, yopu need to keep tabs on the rise and fall of the traffic that will include a buildup about 45 days before and continue through the 7-10 days after the year end, with crests and troughs in between. Unless you are visible throughout the period, you have missed out on the most productive period of the year.

It is also necessary to understand the target audiences' internet usage behavior. Search engine traffic during the period shows a downtrend so while you cannot altogether get off Google, Yahoo and alike, you need to concentrate a lot more on the human expression channels like, whose traffic would match the surge in shopping behavior.

Spacing your ads through the traffic crests and troughs will help you get a better ROI. You need to be more visible during the high activity periods, maintaining a consistent presence other than the peaks.